Teo 2023 Roadmap

Victor Teo
Sun Jan 15 2023

Teo schema language is finally launched in Teo 0.0.43 this week. It's a lot of work for me. I wrote parsers, syntax highlightings and hooked things up. Besides, app bindings for different programming languages are implemented. These programming languages include Node.js, Python and Go. In the future, Java will be added to this list. I want developers from various background to enjoy the great experience of Teo framework.

In the year 2023, I will do lot more things to reach its first stable version. Things include:

  • IDE experience of JetBrain IDEs
  • IDE experience of VSCode
  • Builtin linter & better warning and error messages
  • Entity generators for various languages
  • Revamped client generators
  • More detailed guides & API docs
  • Other bug fixes & improvements

These work will bring brand new experience to our developers. This project is brilliant. Support us if you can. I'll thank you very much for your help.