Our goals in 2024

Victor Teo
Sat Dec 16 2023

In 2023, I did a lot of things including:

  • VSCode extension
  • Builtin linter and diagnostic messages
  • Namespace
  • Entity generation for Rust and Node.js
  • Client generation for TS, Swift, Dart, Kotlin and C#
  • More detailed API documentation and guides
  • Custom handlers
  • Custom middlewares

In 2024, I plan to ship these great features and tools:

  • Revamped Node.js server implementation
  • Revamped Swift, Dart, Kotlin and C# client
  • Add back pre-existing features like authentication and action transformer
  • Teo Studio, a desktop app which works like database viewer and HTTP request sender
  • A auto generated management system from schemas
  • Python server implementation

Anyway, the crucial goal is to gain more users and developers. If you are interested and Teo could provide business value and benefits for you, feel free to contact me.,