Announcing Teo Admin Dashboard beta

Victor Teo
Wed May 15 2024

Admin dashboard is vital for almost all projects that utilize server. We implemented admin dashboard generation for our users and developers to build great admin dashboard experience.

This is a long way to go. And we've deliver a very beginning beta version of it.

Shimmer loading effects

The shimmer loading effects look great comparing to the old school loading indicator.

Browser screenshot

Collapsable navigation area

The navigation area can be collapsed and expanded.

Browser screenshot


A lot of interaction elements have this tooltips. Mouse hover for a short period of time, and a tooltip will be displayed.

Browser screenshot

Multiple languages

We plan to support every language which is in use. Currently, only English and Chinese are supported. We hope users from different countries could provide us a translation file. We want to support every language.

Custom form control width

The control width of the forms can be customized with a very elegant context menu.

Browser screenshot

Form control with null value

We support explicit null values in the form. A nullable field has a special null locking button.

Browser screenshot


Despite the user interface may not look that great, we expect our users to provide ideas on how to update the design. Anyway, we created a great navigation experience. And in the stable version, it will become great.

Try and use it. Give us feedbacks. And we hope Teo admin dashboard could save you and your team plenty of cost and time.