Announcing open public beta for Rust developers

Victor Teo
Wed Mar 01 2023

It's been a hard time. I've been busy day and night, implementing each features and writing docs. Finally, the first open beta has come. 🎉

Rust did't have a web framework like Ruby on Rails or Django. Most of rust web frameworks are libraries for minimalist implementation of a web server. They focus on route dispatching and decoding requests. Teo is built on top of Actix, too. Similar to Ruby on Rails, Teo has integrated ORM and focus on the overall developer experience.

With Teo, developers don't need to figure out how to setup database connections, perform migrations, validate request arguments and write data transfer objects. Teo do all these for saving developers' previous time. Actually, Teo saves cost and time for teams.

Teo has an innovative schema language inspired by GraphQL and Prisma. Teo schema language is simple and readable. Teo's schema language is the most rigid among these three. Teo supports pipeline. Pipeline is expressive and simple application logics can be done with it. When pipeline is not enough, developers can generate model entities. The model entities just behave like models and objects of a typical ORM.

It's really a great time to try out Teo. I beg that you will crush on it and never come back. I'm always here to help you. I will continue to hardworkingly develop features that developers need.