Teo 0.2.9 is published! Flutter client generation!

Victor Teo
Fri Mar 01 2024

Teo is a schema-centered next-generation web framework. It supports Node.js, Python and Rust. Teo transforms traditional CRUD development, aggregate & statistics API development and database migration into a single file with data model declarations. It increases development speed rapidly. Teo exposes ORM API, traditional route handlers and first-in-last-out middlewares for custom app logics. The route handlers are type-safe. Teo does data validations through the interfaces and models declared in the schema. It generates frontend clients from the schema for both auto-synthesized handlers and user-defined handlers.

Why Flutter client?

Actually in the version last year, Teo supports TypeScript/javaScript, Swift, Kotlin, C# and Dart client. Due to the big overhaul and the introduction of the namespace feature. The client generation code is not updated. This time, one of our user has requirement for this. We changed our plan and arranged this feature for him.

We care about business values. Having frontend developers write less code, is able to decrease development time and debugging time. For full-stack developers, these are just benefits of money and living quality. For companies and teams that choose and use Teo, this means lower cost and shorter development time.

Currently TypeScript/javaScript, and Dart/Flutter are supported. We never forgot clients of other languages. Flutter developers and teams build cross-platform products. We can help them more on reducing backend server development time. I love to help great people success. If I was rich, I would investigate a lot of great projects. It's a pity that I'm poor. I love to create great open source frameworks, softwares and tools to make each of us living better. However, there isn't any unemployment benefit in China, at least, it's unavailable for me. What I can only do is creating great technical solutions. To save a lot of cost for users and make their business success, is like investigating without any shares. This is what I'm happy about.

Development plan

Currently we have an enterprise user and around 10 individual users. Our enterprise user want a feature which is generating the admin portal. We consider it quite makes sense. With this feature, developers don't need to write any code or write a little code to obtain an admin portal. It provides visualization and interfaces for the server data. This feature is the next major task for us. We care our users and if you become our user, we takes your requirement into consideration and discuss with you for the best implementation. We may update our plan and add features just for you.

Next we will do:

  • Upgraded user session
  • Upgrated permission validation
  • Generating admin protal
  • Upgrated Swift client for Apple Vision Pro
  • Full-text search
  • Data subscription (for chatting softwares, games and online bidding softwares)
  • SQL JSON type and MongoDB nested interfaces

Support us

It's been hard to create and maintain open source softwares. Hope you would click a star for us at Github.

Become our user

Wouldn't it be nice if you become our user, and we are always responding fast if there are bugs found and requirements come. You can determine what we build next just for you. Our service is great and it's totally free, most of the times better than paid ones. Join our Discord and we are available for you.

Become our contributor

I'd like to have more people discuss together, and develop together. I want sponsorships and fundings. But it's ok if I don't have that. Growing users and data are more important. If you could do anything to help, please contact me at yeannylam@gmail.com.